Commercial Photography

Commercial photos can range from images of products, to buildings, to events and so much more.

What all these different types of commercial photography have in common is that they are all designed to represent your businesses values and portray your message to your target audience. Whether you want to show them your products in the best light, show how your services work, or show the look and feel of the experience you are providing them with.

Professionally taken photos will help you communicate your brand just how you want it to be perceived.

Commercial photography shoots are priced on application, this ensures that we can discuss everything you require from your images and structure a bespoke shoot to capture your business, giving you a large portfolio of high quality images.

Commercial Photography


Many businesses use stock images for commercial purposes; unfortunately by their very nature, they can be used by many people. Commissioning a shoot means these images will be unique to you; they will show your buildings, your events and your members of staff, a true representation of your company.

Commercial Photography


Having high resolution images of your products shows the client exactly what they will receive. Professional images will help to elevate the look of your products, and provide photos that can be used in marketing, both online and print.

Commercial Photography


Authentically capture images that communicate with clients what they will experience. Whether images are of buildings, work environments, or products, accurately depicting them helps to showcase their benefits and convey your brand.

Commercial Photography


Throughout your business communications, imagery plays a vital role in displaying your products and advertising the essence of your business. Commercial photographs can be focused around products, staff, and social events.


The way a subject’s image is taken can impact the way customers feel about your products and business. I work with my clients to fully understand your needs and ensure these images are a true representation of your values. The shoots are taken in a natural consistent style that captures key moments within your business, causing as little disruption as possible. I communicate with you throughout the entire process ensuring photographs fit your brand identity and any guidelines.

Commercial Photography



Hiring a photographer means you will get high quality images that feature every important element to the business. I have many years’ experience photographing businesses in Beaconsfield, Mayfair, and Liverpool across a variety of industries, giving me the ability to create images that show your business’s individuality and portray you in the best way possible. Customers often make choices digitally, so it’s crucial to ensure that you have up-to-date, high quality images that showcase your products.

Of course, your staff are a vital part of your business and help customers to see the faces behind the brand, and who they are likely to have contact with. Having more people in your images can also help to create images with different compositions for a natural feel, showing how your business differentiates itself from the competition.

Your photographs should help to achieve your goals; many businesses have commercial photographs taken of products, events, and staff. Before your shoot you will plan everything, from what you would like as the subject to who your audience is. I will make sure that we communicate throughout the whole process, so we both understand the process and featured subjects, resulting in beautiful images that showcase your business.

I like to take images in a natural composition, showing you and your products in the best way possible. Of course this is dependent on the look you are after; we will discuss this as part of your pre-shoot, and I will adapt styles accordingly. If you would like to look at the types of imagery I take and my style, please feel free to look at my portfolio.

For commercial photography I often recommend clients have their images taken within their workplace; having the natural backdrop to products is far more appealing and authentic than a studio. We will discuss before your shoot the nature of your requirements and where the best locations are for these; my role is to deliver a service to you and as such can travel to your locations.