Personal Branding Photography

You have only seven seconds before someone makes a judgement.

Your images play a crucial role in how you portray your personal brand to your clients and potential clients, allowing you to influence them positively, which is why personal branding photography can have such a massive impact.

Professional photos are an asset and will serve you for years to come. Having a bank of on brand, professional, memorable and bespoke images will not only save you time, it will attract more of the right clients.

Prices start from £499 for a bespoke, one hour, mini personal brand shoot. For half day and full day personal brand shoots, please contact me for more information.

Personal Branding Photography


I will get to know you so I can truly reflect your values and aspirations in the imagery. Your brand is unique; your photographs should show this. I will reflect both your business and individuality, helping you to become a personable face for your company and stand out from the competition.

Personal Branding Photography


The conscious decision to use photographs for your business means that you want to showcase yourself as the face of the brand, an expert in your field. Using images that perfectly illustrate you as part of your brand ensures you are making the best impression possible.

Personal Branding Photography


Having high quality images available to hand that accurately represent your business and brand is invaluable. It provides you with unique photographs that can be used across all touchpoints for your business including social media and marketing, helping you to stand out from your competitors.

Personal Branding Photography


Attract the attention of your target clientele by standing out from the competition and consistently showing your business. I will get to know you and your vision, so that your images will represent your business and goals. A personal branding shoot will provide you with a selection of imagery that is authentic, recognisable and a true reflection of your values.


Your photos should be able to tell your story and have an immediate positive impact on people, causing them to have a good first impression about you and your business; create an affinity with you and with your customers that goes beyond your brand name. Meaningful branding is all about authenticity, creativity, consistency, and expressing your true core values to your audience.

Personal Branding Photography



Personal branding helps to identify you as part of your brand beyond the logo or business name; it helps connect you to your target audiences and build relationships. It’s about presenting yourself in a way that positively influences your audience by showing the target messages and meaning behind the brand. Photography helps to visually show your brand story, catching their attention to be guided through the process of becoming a customer.

This is not a problem; I am here to help. You’ll know who your ideal customer is and how best to find and captivate that audience. In our planning, we’ll start here and I’ll ask questions to delve deeper into your brand so we can capture the essence of your personal brand in images.

I completely understand that not everyone is keen to have their photograph taken, but it is a necessary part of your presence online. I endeavour to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process and will encourage you with gentle direction. I will advise you on positions and postures, creating natural and flattering stances that reflect you at your best. Many of my previous clients have begun the shoot very shy and become more comfortable throughout, resulting in beautiful, natural looking imagery.

For personal branding shoots, your work location may provide valuable insight to your business and help to create natural imagery in your day-to-day environment, a true reflection of your brand. The location will represent you, so throughout the planning process we will discuss your business and decide on places which reflect you. I understand that your real-life work environment may not be suitable to take imagery in, or reflect the message of your brand, there are options to hire out locations such as offices and hotels which tend to be perfect for business focused individuals. For a more relaxed and candid feel, we can even shoot within local cafés and restaurant, the great thing about shoots is they can be flexible.

Everybody has their own unique style; it helps to identify your personality. We will chat to discuss the colour and style of the clothing for your shoot and how this may be a representation of your brand, I will also make sure that whatever you wear suits you. As as result of your shoot, you will end up with a bank of images that you can use throughout your marketing, usually I encourage multiple outfits so you have options when choosing images giving you different looks.