3 things that you need to do to drive more online sales post COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people started to realise the power of digital businesses as most of them were able to stay open throughout lockdown, and some of them even benefited by it. It is a very clever decision to make sure that you develop your business presence online.

The 3 things I have personally done that have helped my business to sell more online during the Coronavirus pandemic were:

1. Personal Branding

During lockdown, I have become the face of my own business more than ever, and this has allowed me to create a much deeper relationship with my clients. They felt so much more confident approaching my business and opening up about their needs, knowing the real person behind it and connecting with my story.

Working on your personal brand means that you are defining how your target audience will see you. While it’s important that your image is interesting and relevant to your target audience, you don’t have to pretend to be someone that you’re not. Remember – Authenticity is key!

2. Focus on the Benefits

Are you having difficulty to stand out from the crowd? My advice is: Don’t focus so much on the product’s features. Instead, redirect your focus and your communication towards the benefits that they will bring to your clients.

Of course your product’s features are important, but it is not enough. Highlighting the benefits that your clients will get after buying from you, will appeal to their emotions. For example: If your products are clothes, sell the lifestyle that your clients will portray to their families & friends when wearing them. If your service is lessons/mentoring, sell the success that they will have once they put their new skills to practice.

The way to implement this into your marketing strategy is to make sure that your online channels (website, social media, email campaigns) are all aligned with your message. Do you want your clients to feel like by buying your product, they are going to look more sophisticated? Perhaps have your photos taken in a nice venue, or add some nice jewelry to your models, for example. Your photographer will be able to help you out with this one.

3. Social Media

Do you ever feel like it’s harder to gain a client online, compared to in person? Is that because you feel like you can express yourself better face to face? Is it easier to convince someone of the value of your products/services when you can show it to them?

It’s possible to achieve that same level of communication effectiveness online if you know your customers well, what their interests are, how they behave online, etc. It’s worth doing some research to find out more about them. The more you know, the easier it is for you to speak to them online.

Using your social media to tell your customers what they want to hear, rather than what you want to say is where the changes begin. Once you are giving them valuable content, that they enjoy or even learn from, you will be rewarded with attention and visibility that will later on lead to more sales. Create your content strategically and professionally, using high quality photos, entertaining videos, and informative text that express your business values to your clients, without hard selling. This will give you a lot more than just immediate sales, it will give you loyal clients that resonate with your brand’s message.

Published On: February 10, 2022

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