British Royal Family

Royal Photography for The British Royal Family

Royal Photography for The British Royal Family

There really can be no greater endorsement of my creativity, expertise and ability to handle the big occasion that the fact that I am regularly invited to secure images of the worlds Royalty on a private, intimate basis where I am entrusted with the responsibility of capturing the required imagery with the minimum of fuss, deporting myself in an appropriate manner.

The assignment involved photographing Prince Phillip during a private reception within the Private Members Gentleman’s Club in Mayfair, adjacent to Buckingham Palace. They clearly kept their eye on me that day as I have since been asked back, time and again to look after the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke of Kent, the Kings of Jordan and Rwanda and then the ultimate commission, namely involving our beloved Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II.

Their courtiers could easily see that I offer clients an exceptional level of service, from discussing a proposed project through to breath-taking finished images. They knew that in addition to elegant images they would have a thoroughly professional, enjoyable experience and discover that I am a poised and extremely competent creative, being friendly, appropriately sociable and completely dedicated to creating portfolio standard photographs.